How to choose and order an instrument

When choosing and instrument, think about a desired key/length and a decoration type (the key is uniquely determined by the instrument's length: the longer the instrument, the lower the base note/key). The flute can be decorated with ornaments on the whole surface, or just on its part, usually in the top quarter/third (so-called head of the instrument).

Decoration types

natural: plain, no ornament (optionally with a simple tiny line-carved ornament in the top part). The whole surface is painted with a natural dye that emphasises the natural structure of the wood. 
natural branchy: like previous case, but the wood has knots and grow anomalies retained.
wallnut-painted ornament: carved ornament painted with a natural dye (dark ornament on a light background).
inverse wallnut-painted ornament: like previous case, but light ornament on a dark background.
acid-painted ornament: carved ornament etched with nitric acid. This technique is the most demanding on time and health & safety.


The price of a flute depends on its type and length/key and on the complexity of decoration. Small plain flute is cheaper than a large one with a sophisticated ornament. Detailed prices by flute types are listed in the menu Prices.

Payment and instrument shipping

NOTICE: Currently I am not making/selling any flutes, because I am very busy with other activities. If you are after a high-quality and aesthetic instrument, I am happy to recommend Marek Gonda. Thank you for visiting my pages.