Care and maintenance 


The wood is a natural material sensitive to humidity and temperature. Please keep the instruments out of the heat sources and do not expose it to sudden or big changes of temperature. 

After each fujara playing, please pull out the mouthpiece from the hole and let out the condensation (due to the collected moisture, the mouthpiece could swell up and crack the smaller fujara flute's air pipe). Store the mouthpiece separately (not plugged into the hole). 


In case a piece of dirt/speck gets into the airway channel, use small folded piece of paper to clean it (see the upper picture) – never use a knife or other sharp instrument! 

To retain its best performance, it is advisable to pour a few drops of linseed oil (or other flute oils available from music stores) into the square window in the upper part of the flute (the fipple) and let it spread evenly all over the inner walls once every few months (see the lower picture).

Important warning: as each instrument is impregnated with linseed oil, a newly made instrument will be greasy for some time (until the oil gets dry) and can leave stains on walls and cloths.